NOEprop is an efficient and versatile component for temporary support with a high load capacity of up to 160Kn/prop. The simple and quick adjustment method makes this product the best for use of deck props, deck tables or load bearing towers. NOEtower is a durable, adaptable and high-load capacity system, it’s ease of assembly and being able to be moved as one unit with a crane makes it the ideal addition to NOE formwork when constructing. NOE ST 200 is a simple frame system ideal for stacking towers, load bearing towers, deck tables or stair towers. Though lightweight and very easy to manoeuvre the galvanised components and reliable frame add durability and immense stability. NOE LS 20 heavy duty prop is used for a modular system reaching heights up to 13 meters. With its high load capacity and easy incorporation of formwork components this system goes above and beyond to ensure safety and security when working at heights.
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These system components allow safe working places to be constructed using vertically assembled NOEprop towers.


Value-for-money, efficient support tower with impressive high quality and simple assembly

NOE ST 200

all parts are hot-dip zinc galvanised

NOE LS 200 heavy
duty prop

Simple incorporation of walkway brackets, stabilizers and combined units